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Bug fix patch will correct bugs found in the latest release. Install the patch to the same directory where Metamill was installed.

download Metamill for Windows bug fix (build 1825) mmpat801.exe

This patch will upgrade Metamill to build 1825.
Windows version only. For Linux, please download the latest package.
Issues fixed by this patch (build 1825):

  • 1825: Metamill base directory options
  • 1825: Relationship moving fix
  • 1825: InteractionOverview diagram follow problem
  • 1825: Accessibility support for large text
  • 1825: Python class documentation fix

  • Note: Install a patch only if you need the features (there may be other patches later).
    Verify the build number in the About box. Only the latest patch needs to be installed.

    Please report bugs using the support form.

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